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Wednesday Crystal Reading for the Fashion Conscious Souls <3 8/24

4 card spread:





The strongest emphasis today on this bad ass vibration is to REMEMBER YOUR WORTH, loves! Try your best to seriously look within and resonate with the absolutely beautiful frequency out there that says you are worthy of all the goodness and kindness the world has to offer. And you already know this, right? Don't pull against it.

The lemurian quartz block reminds us to take time to practice self-care. You may want to burn some Palo Santo in a bubble bath while journaling dreams and goals. A 3 or 5 year plan, maybe? Meditate on it, be patient, and release all the things that do not serve it and you (i.e. negativity, naysayers, low energy). What is in your highest good, for your ultimate spiritual self???

Our aragonite outcome suggests a matter requiring mental flexibility is best approached with an open, joyous heart. So live in the now and welcome the new that the day brings. It may be time for a rebirth so CELEBRATE, put on something that feels good, and live today!

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