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Thank you for stopping by Aunt Minnie's Vintage Shop. I'm Minnie and I run this gig with my awesome husband (pop-up market and festival manpower) and our beautiful eight year old daughter (the official shop girl).

My passion is vintage fashion and I love that shopping vintage helps save the planet all while looking fabulous! Honestly, is there ever anything more chic than a great vintage piece?

The American Apparel Association estimates that roughly 500 pounds of carbon emissions are saved each year for each person who buys second-hand clothing instead of new. It reduces your water, waste, and carbon footprint by an amazing 80 percent, positively impacting the global warming, water crisis, and never ending landfills fights!

love earth, wear vintage

My Story

Playing in my grandma Margarita's fabric room as a child is one of my favorite memories. It's definitely how glamorous, well made fabric became my true love. She made her first dress when she was just six years old living in a small town in Puerto Rico. She moved to New York and then eventually Chicago in the 1960s and became a sought after seamstress at the designer boutiques on the famous Oak Street. She has always been my greatest fashion inspiration as she donned high heels, tiger print fur coats and bright lipsticks well into her 80s. I always channel her while I'm hunting vintage.

She was also a bruja (witch or sorceress in Spanish). And I have to owe my magical vintage luck to that. I've been treasure hunting for almost twenty years and have rarely left the thrift shops, estate sales, and vintage boutiques

disappointed. I've come across the most exciting pieces over the years and only buy when it's LOVE. I'm based in Chicago, but, source from everywhere from tiny shops in Georgia to New York to London to Amsterdam and France & curate with one bring you vintage joy!


(Pictured above: my grandma in her kitchen in the 1970s wearing a dress she custom made).


I'm always looking for new and creative opportunities. Let's connect.

Personal IG: @minniemarcano

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